JENEL is a private real estate investment group based in New York City. The group owns and manages over ninety properties totaling more than three million square feet which include urban high-street retail, hotel and other mixed-use properties. For the last three decades the team has been known for its proven track record of re-positioning under-performing properties through hands-on development, capital improvements and aggressive leasing strategies. Assets owned are all strategically located in dynamic cities which possess strong market fundamentals. Our acquisition criteria includes properties with attractive economic adjusted returns, measured downside risk, and significant upside opportunity over the medium and long-term.


The team at JENEL consists of seasoned professionals with an expertise in acquisition, development, construction, finance, asset management, marketing and leasing. We execute on value-creation strategies which successfully enhance our investments. Our resources, banking relationships and liquidity continue to provide us with purchasing power and investor confidence to pursue long-term opportunities in creating generational wealth and maximizing asset value. 








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    Over the generations, JENEL has built its portfolio organically, acquiring one property at a time since the company’s inception in the 1980’s. What began as a necessity for its own retail requirements and family business, gradually evolved into a recognized industry leader for urban, high-street retail and other mixed-use properties. We target core, core plus and value-add opportunities with a specialization in high-street urban-retail, located in corridors throughout New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Charleston and other major gateway cities.



    •    Core assets, with medium to long term stabilized leases in-place at below-market economics with opportunity over medium and long-term basis to improve income through fair market rent renewals, partial tenant repositioning, additional leasing or capital restructuring.
    •    Core-Plus assets with solid property fundamentals & strong revenues that include at least 50% of gross leasable area occupied with in-place income, the ability to lease up vacancy, reposition existing leases, decrease property expenses and improve property deficiencies in order to improve net operating income.
    •    Value-Add assets which include land for development, existing building repositioning, vacancy and severely under-market in-place rents with leases expiring in the short term. 


    We are flexible and can evaluate opportunities to provide a quick response, for investment sales proposals or other proposals, please email us at: acquisitions@jenel.net


    Considering JENEL’s overarching investment philosophy of value-creation and wealth preservation, the Asset Management team collaborates with all facets of the firm and external partners, to collectively determine best course-of-action on an asset-per-asset basis. The team has a deep knowledge and understanding of capital markets and following trends that allow us to stay ahead of the change in investment cycles. The teams commitment towards market research & utilizing market intelligence has gained us a competitive advantage in creating accurate and positive debt & equity restructuring options. These options have contributed to increased returns for our partners while optimizing portfolio performance.


    The key pillar that has led to the success of JENEL is the ability to lease space in a timely fashion. Our leasing team focuses on identifying and canvassing for the best-in-class retail users that help maximize overall sales and positioning for our entire portfolio. The strategy includes a thorough marketing campaign, devising property positioning and co-tenancy plans, leveraging strategic relationships and being extremely proactive when it come to deal procurement.  Our retail experience and management skills help align our interests with those of our tenants; which in turn provides us with the tools needed to solve for their complex requirements and needs. Our hands on approach has made it easier for the tenant to navigate through the lease process, meet their financial deadlines and goals while focusing on their broader business. It is for these reasons Jenel has maintained a reputation in the market for signing leases with sophisticated tenants while maximizing value for its portfolio. Our teams passion towards retail and market awareness have helped separate us from the competition. We remain ready to share street level market insight to best serve our tenants & partners.